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Breakfast burritos

Breakfast burritos

Breakfast burritos 


Breakfast burritos is a good breakfast meal  and it origins from American South West & Mexican cuisine 

Breakfast burritos recipe is loaded with eggs, cheese, butter mushroom, mozzarella cheese,oil sour cream, salt, pepper tortilla,ham

Breakfast burritos

Ingredients for breakfast burritos:


You’ll need 


6 large eggs 

6 medium 8-inch diameter flour tortillas 

1 Tbsp oil 

½ lb about 8 medium button mushrooms

1 Tbsp butter 

½ cup sour cream divided (2 tbsp for eggs & 1 Tbsp per tortilla)

Salt & pepper to taste 

2 oz ham cut into strips or squares



4 oz 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 

1 medium tomato diced 

2-4 tbsp oil saute


Equipments you’ll need 

Medium size bowl 



Breakfast burritos


Instructions:  method step by step 


we’ll start with the egg filling 

1.in a medium mixing bowl combine six large eggs with a pinch of salt & a pinch of black pepper 

 & Two tablespoons of sour cream 

2.whisk those together thoroughly to combine 

3.now add two ounces of your favourite chopped ham & we’re using black forest ham

Stir to combine & set the egg mixture a side 

4.next thinly slice half a pound of white or brown mushrooms The mushrooms are optional and the breakfast burritos will still work great 

    without them But they do add great flavour 

5.Now place a large skillet over medium heat & add one tablespoon of oil 

6 add the mushrooms to the hot pan & Saute for about five minutes stirring occasionally Season lightly with salt & pepper Saute until the       mushrooms have evaporated any excess juice and they’re lightly brown Remove mushrooms from the pan

7.then add a tablespoon of butter Once the butter is hot & melted add your egg mixture Scramble the eggs for about three minutes 


Until they’re just cooked through but still moist

To ensure that you don’t overcook your eggs as soon as they’re ready take them off the heat & transfer them to a separate dish 


8 now were ready to assemble these breakfast burritos You’ll need six medium,eight inch diameter flour tortillas Spread a tablespoon of sour cream in the centre of your tortilla

9.top that with ⅙ of the cooked eggs & A generous amount of shredded mozzarella cheese Add ⅙ of the mushroom if you’re using them  and     also one to two tablespoon of diced fresh tomatoes The tomatoes are optional 

10.roll the burrito from top to bottom Tuck the top flap firmly around your filling then fold the edges in tightly & roll to secure

11.repeat this process with the remaining burritos To ensure the tortillas remain soft & easy to roll The best way to heat these in a skillet 

12. So place a large skillet over medium heat & add one to two tablespoon of oil Once the oil is hot

13.transfer the burritos to the pan  with the folded side down & cook without turning until the bottom is golden brown 

14.cook all sides until a beautiful golden brown Which is about two minutes per side Add more oil if needed The outside will be crisp all over       and filling will be hot & The burritos are ready to taste

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