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How to make a perfect butter board for holidays?

Butter board



A butter board is a dish which consisting of soft & fluffy butter on a wooden cutting board, sprinkled  with Ingredients, condiments 

Edible decorations such as like pepper salt , chilli flakes, honey  lemon zest fruit vegitable slices herbs edible flowers The butter board dish served with bread slice 

The butter board origins in 2017 by

  1. Joshua Mc fadden and this butter board viral in 2022 by tik tok


Butter board

      Vegan butter board


  • Ingredients

-2sticks of softened vegan butters

-Salt flakes

-zest from 1 Lemon

-1-2 red jalapenos,you can use any type of spicy pepper or non spicy pepper

-1-2 cups of roasted cherry tomatoes

-Vegan honey or Maple syrup

-Few pinches of fresh rosemary

-Bread for severing ,but to use a fresh loaf with hearty crust from bakery


Directions/ making process


-spread  vegan butter evenly  onto board  to form a thin layer of creamy butter season with salt flakes


-sprinkle with lemon zest 


-Add your tomatoes & pepper


-Drizzle with vegan honey or maple syrup


-Top with rosemary


-serve with toasted bread 


-i just threw them on a baking sheet & baked at 300 for roughly 20-30 mins shaking pan a few times.

No oil is needed but you can definitely season with oil & salt before baking

Butter board


Buttercream frosting recipe




-1 stick unsalted butter ,room temperature


-11/2 C powdered sugar


-1/2 tsp vanilla extract


-1-3 TSP heavy cream ( milk works tool)


-pinch of salt 


-food colouring,if desired 


Directions /making process 


-place the butter into a large mixing bowl


-Add ½ cup powdered sugar and blend together with a hand mixer


-Add another ½ cup of powdered sugar &mix  add the final ½   cup of powdered sugar along with the vanilla

– a pinch of salt and about (1 TSP of heavy cream ( to start ) and mix to combine


-Add  a splash more heavy cream if the frosting is too thick  colour by mixing in a few drops of food colouring if desired


Tip. If you have a stand mixer,whip the frosting for about 5 -8 minutes for an ultra fluffy texture. If you use store bought frosting , place it on a bowl & mix with your hand mixer for a couple of minutes to fluffy it up


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