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The best Chicken salad chick recipe

Chicken salad chick

Chicken salad chick recipe

Chicken salad  recipe was creation of chicken salad chick restaurant 

and chicken salad recipe is best and favourite recipe and this chicken salad recipe was made with fresh premium  shredded chicken  ,salt pepper, mayonnaise 

Chicken salad chick


 Ingredients for the chicken  🐔


: chicken 🐔🐓 breast skinless 

: 1-2 table spoon 🥄 oil 🛢️

: ½ TSP salt 🧂

: ½ TSP pepper powder

: TSP chilli flakes

: TSP ginger garlic 🧄 paste

: TSP thyme or parsley

Chicken salad chick

Ingredients for the salad 🥗


: 1/2cucumbers 🥒 chopped

:  1 onion 🧅 chopped

:  4-5 leaves ,lettuce chopped

:  1 medium tomato 🍅

 2-3 olives 🫒


Ingredients for the dressing


1/4cup mayonnaise,low-fat

1/4cup Greek yogurt, low-fat

1/2tsp pepper powder

2,1 TSP apple cider vinegar

1/2tsp salt 🧂 or as per your taste

1/2tsp of parsley




: take 1 chicken breast in a bowl 🥣

: cut into a small pieces

:  Add 1tsp of lemon juice

:  Add ½ TSP of pepper powder

:  Add 1 TSP of chilli flakes or as per your taste

:  ½ TSP of salt 🧂

½  TSP of ginger garlic paste

:  ½ TSP of parsley or thyme

:  mix everything well

: keep it aside for 15 mins

: add 1tbsp of oil 🛢️ in to a 🍳

: add marinate chicken

:  fry until chicken pieces are well cooked after cooked remove from the heat 

:  add ¼ cup 🍵 of low fat mayonnaise in to a bowl 🥣

: add ¼ cup of Greek yogurt

add ½ TSP of pepper powder and Parsley

:  1 TSP of apple cider vinegar

:  ½ TSP of salt 🧂

Mix everything well

: add ½ cup of chopped cucumber

: 1 medium tomato ,1 medium chopped onion,2 to 3 olives ,4 to5 chopped lettuce, Cooked chicken

: mix it well

Tasty chicken salad chick recipe is ready to taste 

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