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Coconut cake vape recipe

Coconut cake vape recipe

Coconut cake vape recipe

Coconut cake vape recipe

Coconut cake vape is a delicious and tasty sponge cake recipe filled with coconut flavour & ingredients like flour, butter, milk, caster sugar, Coconut milk, essence …


Ingredients for  sponge coconut cake vape recipe

All purpose flour sifted 2 cups

Salt -¼ TSP

Baking powder -1 TSP

Baking soda -½ TSP

Coconut whole 2 or as required

Butter unsalted ½ cup (room temperature )

Caster sugar ¾ cup

Eggs 3( Room temperature)

Coconut essence 2 TSP

Coconut milk ½ cup (room temperature)

Ingredients for Coconut butter cream Frosting 

Butter 100g (Room temperature)

Icing sugar 1 cup

Coconut essence 1 TSP

Coconut milk 2 tbs

Creamed chilled 200ml



1.in a bowl ,add all purpose flour,salt , baking powder, baking soda,mix it well & set a side

2.Grate coconut with the help of greater & set a side

3.in a bowl,add buter, caster sugar & beat we’ll

4.Add eggs,one by one & beat after each addition

5.Add Coconut essence & beat again

6.Gradullay add dry flour  mixture alternating with coconut milk then dry flour mixture then again coconut milk and beat until smooth batter is formed

7.Add ½ cup of shredded coconut (reserve remaining for garnishing & fold with the help of spatula

(Coconut cake vape recipe)

Directions for coconut butter cream frosting

1.in a bowl add butter & beat well

2.Gradually,add icing sugar and beat until fluffy (2-3 mins)

3.Add coconut essence, Coconut milk & beat until well combined

4.Add cream & beat on low speed (don’t over beat) & refrigerate until use

5.Grease 8 inch round baking pan with oil & lined with butter paper and add prepared batter

6.bake in preheated oven at 170c for 40-45 min

7.set it cool

8.remove the cake from the oven & Runa knife around the edges to loosen them from the sides of the pan 

9.on cake tray ,place cake& apply prepared Coconut butter cream frosting on cake  with the help of hands ,apply it to all the sides – refrigerate of 1 hour or until chilled

10.cut into desired slice & serve 

Pro tips. (coconut cake vape recipe)

Make sure cake is cool down completely before apply Frosting 

Don’t over beat the frosting 


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