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chicken curry

Chicken curry

Chicken curry

Chicken curry

Chicken curry it is a delicious taste curry serve with rice, chapati and made with ingredients like chicken, ginger, garlic, cloves, Red chilli,… and it is easy to make

Chicken curry

Ingredients for simple chicken curry

Chicken -1 kg

Onion, rough chopped -4 medium

Ginger crushed -2 TSP

Garlic crushed -2 TSP

Tomatoes, roughly chopped -3 medium

Green chillies, thick chopped -3 nos

Turmeric powder -½ TSP

Red chilli powder 1.5 TSP

Readymade chicken masala – 1 tbsp

Salt 1.5 TSP.

Refined oil -4-5 TSP

Chicken curry


1.clean & wash the chicken pieces and keep it to drain

2.roughly chop the onions ,tomatoes and green chillies

3.peel & crush the ginger & garlic cloves


  • Process

1.heat oil in a pan or kadai and add the chopped onions

2.fry on high heat for 10 mins till brown in colour

3. Add the crushed ginger and garlic and fry on heat for 2 mins

4.add the turmeric powder & mix & fry on Medium heat for around 3 mins till tomatoes are soft

5.now add the chicken pieces and fry on high heat for 2-3 mins till the chicken pieces are browned

6.add the readymade chicken masala,red chilli powder & salt,mix & bhunno on high heat for 5 mins . continue process to fry on Medium heat for another extra 5 mins .

7.now add 200ml water & cook on low heat for around 20 mins till the chicken pieces are tender & oil seperates


And se

rve with rice ,chapati etc….


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