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Imitation crab recipes

Imitation crab recipes

Imitation crab salad

Imitation crab recipes


Imitation crab meat– 17 OZ/500g

4 eggs

Canned corn – 7 oz/200g

Fresh cucumber -3 oz / 100g

Boiled carrot -3oz /100g

Mayonnaise -2 tbsp 

Fresh dill -2 tbsp 

Salt – 1 TSP 

Ground black pepper -½ TSP

You will need

Large bowl

Carving board 


Prepration.  (Imitation crab recipes)

1 in advance hard -boil &,cool the eggs boil the carrot until readiness

2 cut the cucumber  lengthwise,deseed   carefully with a teaspoon & cut into small dices

3.cut the carrot ,eggs and surimi into 

Small dices  try to cut everything in Equal size 

4.lay all the ingredients above into bowl add 2 TSP of mayonnaise,salt pepper and 

5.lay out the salad into a small bowl and press with a spoon

6.lay a plate onto the bowl with the salad turn over  and Remove the bowl carefully sprinkle. Your salad with the chopped up dill or green onion  & serve with crackers

Imitation crab recipes

Imitation crab recipes


Boiled rice or lettuce can be added to such a salad 

Also you can add boiled pasta  and it will be a delicious seafood pasta salad 

Use crab sticks of good quality

You can use real crab meat instead imitation crab stick

You can add red onion for the perfect aromatic & taste

You can add, tomatoes, avacodo cucumber or mix together. The Vegetables & greens can be chosen based on availability and the season


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