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Japanese (Royce ) Nama chocolate

Nama chocolate

Japanese Nama chocolate

Nama chocolate


Nama means raw or fresh in Japanese and it refers to the plentiful use of fresh cream in the chocolate

This chocolate simply melts in your mouth,& it is so tasty the best part is it is very easy to make at home


Prep Time -15 mins

Cook Time -15 mins

Chilling Time – 4hrs


Total Time – 4hrs-20-30 mins

Serving – 36 square pieces

Nama chocolate

What you need


400 g (14 oz) good quality dark chocolate ( 70% cacao) (semisweet for less bitter task

200ml (¾ cup +1 tbsp) heavy whipping cream. 38% fat

1 Tbsp ( liqueur of your choice) optional 1 use brandy -Adjust the amount according to your liking)

Cocoa powder ( to coat the chocolate)

Nama chocolate [

Making process of Nama chocolate



With a sharp knife ,chop 400g chocolate into smaller pieces so that they will melt faster more evenly & take the pieces into a bowl

Take line an 8×8 (20×20 cm) baking dish with parchment paper

Add 200ml heavy cream into small saucepan & bring it to almost boil over medium heat and whisk

When you see small bubbles around the saucepan remove from the stove (heat)

Add the chocolate & cream and make sure there is no lump . the chocolate should be completely smooth

Add 1 Tbsp liqueur (optional) & mix it pour the mixture into the prepared baking dish

Smooth the surface with the silicone spatula

Tap or shake the baking dish onto the counter a few times. Because ( to make sure the chocolate is evenly distributed

Refrigerate until firm about 4-5 hours, Remove the chocolate from the baking dish

Cut the excess chocolate around the edges to have nice sharp corners

Warm the sharp knife with the hot towel and cut the chocolate into 1 strips

Make sure to clean/ warm the knife before each cut to achieve a nice sharp cut

Save curved edges & corners chocolates pieces for yourself to enjoy

Sprinkle the cocoa powder on the top

Serve Nama chocolate

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