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Breakfast hash brown casserole

Breakfast hash brown casserole

The breakfast hash brown casserole is a versatile and hearty dish, perfect for feeding a crowd or enjoying a comforting morning meal. Combining the classic flavors of crispy hash browns, creamy cheese, and savory spices, this casserole is easy to prepare and can be customized to suit your taste. Ideal for busy mornings, weekend brunches, or special occasions, it offers a satisfying and flavorful start to the day. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or simply looking for a delicious make-ahead breakfast, this hash brown casserole is sure to become a favorite.

Breakfast hash brown casserole

Ingredients you’ll need  (breakfast hash brown casserole)


20 ounce of package frozen diced or &shredded hash browns

White or yellow onion,diced

8 ounces diced green chiles ,drained

Potato mixture


Optional :

10 large eggs

2 cups half & half

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon black pepper

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese


Equipments you’ll need  (breakfast hash brown casserole);


9×13 pan

Large bowl


Aluminium foil

Breakfast hash brown casserole

Instructions: step by step

1.Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit & lightly grease a 9×13 pan

2.get a skillet heating on the stove over medium high heat and then add in your ground sausage and you can use plain or you can use hot ground sausage or Italian sausage

What ever you want

3.break this up& get it cooking until it’s completely brown & cooked through

4.it takes about 6- 8 minutes to brown it off

5.Then whatever meat you choose

Simply transfer it to that prepared 9×13 pan

Spread that around a little bit

6.then you’re gonna add in about 20-24 ounces of hash browns

Or you can use either the diced kind or shredded

7.Then we’ll Add in 1 white or yellow minced onion & a diced red ball pepper or you can use green or really any colour

Then this is optional

But I liked to add in a 4 ounce can of diced green chilli just to bring a little flavour & heat

8.and then you’re gonna toss this together

This is kind of like omlette where you can actually

Add a lot of different things to really customize this to your own personal taste preference

9.set the casserole a side for a second & were gonna start cracking eggs in a large mixing bowl


You’ll need

Then you’re gonna pour in 2 cups of half & half which is half cream half milk

10.then season with ½ teaspoon each of salt & pepper

& Whisk this all together

11.make sure you break up all the egg yolks

12.then were gonna stir in about 2 cups of shredded cheese

13.you can use any flavour you want that will melt well

& I am using cheddar

Stir that in

14.Then we’re gonna pour this over the potato & meat mixture that we have in our casserole dish

Now you can kind of spread out the cheese if you want it to be mostly on top or you can give it a little bit of a toss to mix the cheese in

15.at this point you’ll cover your pan tightly with aluminium foil

Then you can just pop this in the fridge overnight so it’s ready to bake in the morning (or) you can cook right away

Either way it’s the same way


16.Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and then bake for some where between 45-60minutes with the aluminium foil


You’ll know that it’s done & ready to eat when the eggs in the centre are completely

set & no longer wet or rummy

Then you are ready to eat


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