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Chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwich recipe

 Chicken sandwich    Chicken sandwich is a popular snack type of sandwich typically featuring with  shredded chicken  breast fried or roasted paced between bread slices

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Squid 65 recipe

Squid 65 recipe  Squid 65 recipe is famous  and popular delicious south indian recipe which is similar to chicken 65 recipe and it is a

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Mutton kheema puff

Mutton kheema puff recipe

 Mutton Kheema puff   Mutton kheema puff is a popular Indian snack & Savory Indian pastry made with mined spiced mutton ,veg shortening, onion, spices,flaky

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Mutton boti curry

Mutton boti curry Boti curry in Indian delicious non-veg recipe this curry is so many peoples favourite curry  This is made with a mutton boti

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Parotta recipe

Parotta recipe Parota is a type of Indian flatbread commonly served in South Asian countries  Parota is also known as` paratha ‘ which is made

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