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Maggi pasta

Maggi pasta

  Maggi pasta

Maggi pasta

Maggi pasta

Ingredients. (maggi pasta)

-1 TSP -salt


-2 packets – Maggie  Noodles bar

-2Tsp -oil 🛢️

-1 Tbsp butter 🧈

-finely chopped Garlic 🧄

-finely chopped Ginger

-finely chopped Green chillies

-1 one piece finely chopped onion 🧅

-1 one piece finely chopped tomato 🍅

-1 TSP  kashmiri Red chilli powder

-1 TSP Corainder powder

-2 packets   Maggi Masala Tastemaker

-Green yellow Bellpapers

-carrot 🥕

-2 tbsp Tomato sauce 🫙

-1 tbsp Schezwan sauce 🫙

-1 piece cheese cube 🍕🧀

-salt and black pepper

-chilli flakes

-coriander leaves



Making process    (maggi pasta)

-boil water 💦 in a pan 🍳🥘

-Add 1 TSP  salt 🧂 and also  Add little oil 🛢️

-to keep pasta 🍝 from sticking

-once water 💦 starts boiling add Macaroni pasta

-its very important to add salt 🧂 as pasta 🍝 blend

-usally,pasta are boiled for 6 to 7 mins or as  per packet instructions

-but since we will boil it later with Maggie we will only boil it for 5 mins now

-keep it same raw let cut one piece & check

-Add 2 packets maggi noodles bar

-Mix and let it boil for atleast 2 to 3 mins

-Filter out water using strainer

-pour cold water on it   to remove heat from pasta as it could get too Mushy otherwise spread it out in some container or sieve

-cooling down pasta is very important so it doesn’t get sticky later on

(Tip)-Grease it with oil if you want to keep it in fridge for using later

-Next add 2tsp oil on pan 🍳

-for extra delicious Add 1 tbsp butter 🧈

-Add finely chopped Ginger, garlic 🧄 green chillies

-toss it all lightly

-1 piece of finely chopped onion 🧅

-cook that too for 4 to 5 mins

-1 piece of finely chopped tomato. & add salt 🧂

-Tomato 🍅 are optional but you can use it for some tangy flavour

-stir to make it soft and mushy

-Add 1 TSP kashmiri Red chilli powder

-1 TSP dhaniya powder

-2  packets of maggi masala Tastemaker

-it is very important to add for getting the better outcome

-mix it with other ingredients

-add some water let it sizzle

-the base is ready now

-Add chopped green & yellow capsicum 🫑, and carrot 🥕

-you may add other vegetables as per your taste

-mix & cook for just 1 min

-You may also add brocoli beans 🫘  🌽 corner etc

-2 tbsp Tomato sauce

-2 tbsp Schezwan sauce

-You can also add Schezwan chutney & red chilli sauce too

-Mix  it too

-Since there is cheese 🧀 in pasta  & we are making Maggi pasta

-Add 1 picece cheese cube

-To make pasta rich & creamy

-you can instead add mayonnaise, cheese spread , cheese slices

-Add boiled Maggi pasta to base  gravy curry

-Add salt black pepper chilli flakes

-Add other herbs & seasoning as per your taste gently mix everything

& toast it for atleast 2 mins

Look how delicious maggi pasta it’s

-it super easy ,do try it at home for family children enjoy with family


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