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Mutton Rogan josh ( josh Rogan)

Rogan josh

Mutton Rogan josh

Mutton josh Rogan is a delicious dish which originates from Kashmir cuisine  and this dish made with lamb/mutton, species,and yogurt


Source by timeofindiaJosh Rogan

Ingredients for Mutton Rogan josh (josh Rogan)

Mutton/ lamb-1 kg (tender pieces with bones)

Whole spices & Tempering

Asafoetida (Hing) -½ TSP

Cumin seeds -1 TSP

Cloves.         – 6-7

Green Cardamom,crushed – 5-6

Black Cardamom,crushed  -2


Spice powders-

Kashmir chilli powder – 6 tspoon

Saunth (Dry Ginger powder)- ¾ TSP

Saunf powder (fennel powder)-1TSP

Green Cardamom ( Elachi ) powder- ¼ TSP


Other Ingredients

Whisked curd / plain yogurt -200 ml

Salt – 2 TSP

Mustard oil – 6 tblsp

Preparations ( josh Rogan)

-wash and drain the Meat

-whisk the curd/ plain yogurt




-Heat Mustard oil in a pan oil till smoking point .once the oil heats up and Emits smoke switch it off& let it cool

-Again heat it and then add the cumin seeds and the cloves.

Also add the Asafoetida .Give a mix  for 15- 30 secs and the add the Mutton pieces     (josh Rogan)

-Mix & sear (bhunno) on high heat for 1 min and then add the crushed green and black Cardamom

-Give a Mix and then continue to fry on Medium heat for 4-5 mins till the meat is browned

-Add the salt and Kashmiri chilli powder and Mix it well

-cook on low heat for 3 mins for the meat pieces to absorb the colour

-Now add the Dry Ginger powder & fennel powder,Mix and fry it on low to medium heat for 3 mins till oil seperates

-Add the whisked curd/ plain yogurt on low heat keep stirring & cooking on low heat for 2-3 mins till oil seperates

-Add the Garam masala powder, give a Mix & cook for 2 mins

-Now add 450ml water &allow it to come to a boil

  1. -Reduce heat to low and cook covered on low heat for 4-5 mins till meat is tender

-Open the lid and give it a story few times in between

-Once done,add the Green Cardamom powder,give a mix & simmer for 2-3 mins

-Serve Mutton Rogan josh with roti / rice and enjoy the food with your family


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