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Carrot Ladoo


Carrot Ladoo recipe

Carrot Laddu recipe is a Indian sweet 

Carrot Ladoo is Indian traditional dessert  popular during festivals like Diwali, dasara,Holi and other occasions 

This dessert  made with grated carrot grated ,fresh coconut,milk ,sugar & nuts 

Carrot Ladoo Carrot Ladoo


Ingredients to make carrot ladoo


Carrot -500 grams

Sooji / rava -2 tbsp 

Coconut -½ cup

Sugar  – ¾ cup

Cardamom powder -½ tsp


Cashew nuts 



Instructions:step by step  to make carrot Ladoo 


Take ghee in a pan. 

Add cashewnuts & roast and raisins until they are golden brown in color. Keep them aside.

Carrot Ladoo

  1. Add some more ghee to the same pan and roast the sooji rava in it until it is no more raw.


  1. Add  carrot  (grated) to the pan and roast it for 2-3 mins.


  1. After 2 mins, 


add the  fresh coconut  (grated) to the pan and mix well.


  1. Add ghee, give it all a nice mix again and cover the pan with a lid. Cook  until for 5 mins on a low flame heat.


  1. Once  that the carrot is cooked, 

 Now  add sugar, mix and cook until for 5  minutes

7.Then add cardamom powder, roasted nuts and raisins. Mix well.

8.After there’s no more moisture left & Cooked well

9.turn off the heat and (keep a side) cool the carrot mixture for a bit.

10.Roll the mixture (all ingredients )into round balls of desired size and shape

11.Delicious Carrot Laddoo is ready to be served

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