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malpua sweet malpua rabdi

Malpua sweet malpua rabdi

Malpua sweet Malpua rabdi

Malupa is a sweet breakfast recipes in India cuisine or served with morning tea or snacks

This recipes origins from East INDIA subcontinent popular like Nepal india Bhutan Bangladesh

Malupa made by refined flour, milk, green cardamom powder, sugar syrup saffron &…

Malpua sweet malpua rabdi

Ingredients for Malpua sweet

1 ½ litres milk

50 grams mawa/ khoya grated

½ cup refined flour (maida,)

½ teaspoon green cardamom powder

Ghee for shallow frying


For the sugar syrup

2 cups sugar

1 tablespoon milk

A few saffron strands

For garnishing

15-20 pistachios blanched peeled and slivered

Malpua sweet malpua rabdi

Instructions step by step

1.take a heavy bottomed pan


2.boil milk in a pan reduce heat & keep it simm till it is reduced and reaches a coating consistency.


3.Add mawa / khoya grated and mix it well

Bring it to Room temperature


4.add / keep 2 tablespoon of sugar


5.add the rest in a deep non- stick pan

Add 2 cups of water & mix it well until the sugar melts


6.keep it over on medium heat flame cook until the mixture comes to a boil


7.add milk and mix & collect the scum that forms top surface and discard it


8.add saffron and mix it well

Continue to cook till the syrup reaches one string consistency and


Add reserved sugar refined flour , green cardamom powder to the reduced milk

9.mix it well and make it batter of pouring consistency using a little milk if it required


10.add & heat sufficient ghee in a wide flat bottomed pan /cudai

Pour a ladle full of batter to form a pancake.cook on low medium heat


11.turn it over when the sides are colour slightly when both sides are done

Drain and immerse in a sugar syrup atleast for 3- 4 mins & drain and arrange on a seving plate

12.garnish with pistachios

And serve hot &

sweet with your family and friends




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