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Chinese hot pot at home recipe (ayce hot pot)

ayce hot pot

About Chinese hot pot.   

ayce hot pot

Chinese hot pot is 2000 years ancient recipe it was appreciated by the great emperors & hot pot was been democratized and nowadays it has become a tourist attraction in parts of china

ayce hot pot

Light broth ingredients   (ayce hot pot)

1 large Daikon / lo bok

2 carrots , medium piece ginger

3 sticks green onion

10 dried shiitakes

4L water

1 tbsp salt

ayce hot pot


Light broth directions

1.peel and chop the Daikon into medium sized cubes roughly chop the carrots ,slice the ginger & roughly chop the green onions

  1. Add all of the light broth ingredients to a large Stockpot  & bring to boil  then simmer on medium for about 1 hour


Spicy broth ingredients (ayce hot pot)

11/2 cups water

1cup dried red chillies

1-2 tbsp Sichuan peppercorns

1 TSP fennel seeds

1 TSP Corainder seeds

1 tsp ground cloves 

1 TSP cane sugar

1 TSP cinnamon

4 piece garlic , medium piece ginger

3 sticks green onion

2 cups avocado oil

¼ cup doubanjiang

¼ cup black bean paste 


Spicy broth directions

1.in a small saucepan,add the water and dried red chillies. Then bring to a boil and let it cook for a few minutes

2.transfer the chilies to the blender along with a couple splashes of water  blendon  medium high &set aside.

3.heat the saucepan to medium heat & add the Sichuan peppercorns, fennel seeds, and coriander seeds toast for a few minutes, then set aside add the ground cloves, cinnamon, and cane sugar to the toasted spices

4.roughly chop the garlic,ginger and green onions then add them into the  saucepan along with the avocado oil bring to medium heat & cook for 57 mins

  1. Turn the heat off and let the oil cook for a few minutes.then carefully transfer to the blender & blend on medium high for a few seconds use right away of store in the fridge for later use ( this broth base is good for about 3-4 hot pot)

7.when ready to use ,simply dissolve about ⅓ cup of this broth base to 4-5 cups of the light broth & bring to a boil throw some extra whole dried chilies in there for good measure

Dipping sauce ingredients. (ayce hot pot)

2 tbsp soya sauce

2 tbsp chilli oil

2 tbsp black vinegar

Some green onions

1 piece garlic

Small piece ginger

1 tbsp avocado oil

Splash of toasted sesame oil pinch of salt

Dipping sauce directions

Combine the soya sauce, chilli oil, black vinegar, and green onions,for one sauce grate the garlic ana ginger & mix together with avocado oil,toasted , sesame oil,and some salt for the second dipping sauce

And your tasty delicious hot pot ready to taste (ayce hot pot)


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