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Fish tacos recipe with best fish taco sauce

Fish taco recipe

 Fish 🐠 taco 🌮 recipe

 Fish taco recipe it’s our all time favourite fish tacos recipe  filled with fresh ingredients like cabbage,lime tilapia  corn  garlic with perfectly seasoned  fish fillets.

Fish tacos recipe

What you’ll need!      (Fish tacos recipe)


: Cabbage slaw 🥬

: 3 cups  green cabbage, shredded

🥬 🍵

:1 cup 🍵 sour cream

: Limed juice 🥤

:¼ TSP  salt🧂

: 4 tilapia fillets

: ¼ TSP ground cayenne

: ½ TSP  garlic powder 🧄

: ½ TSP cumin

: ½ TSP salt 🧂

tsp pepper

:  corn 🌽 tortillas

: Garnish, cilantro, line

Fish tacos recipe

Instructions.  (Fish tacos recipe)

: In a large bowl 🥣, combined  green cabbage 🥬,red onion 🧅,sour cream, lime juice 🥤, and salt 🧂, chill until ready to serve

: In a bowl 🥣,mix cayenne, garlic 🧄 powder, cumin salt, 🧂 & pepper, season each tilapia fillet on both sides with the seasoning mix

: over medium – high heat cook 2 fillets at a time for 8 mins , flipping halfway repeat for the remaining fillets 

: using a fork,break a part the fillets  into bite  size pieces

: right before serving heat  the corn tortillas in the pan 🍳 and assemble the tacos  with the cabbage 🥬 slaw and tilapia 

: garnish with cilantro, lime juice 

Enjoy the 😋 delicious fish 🐟 taco🌮 with family and friends

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