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Truffle risotto

Truffle Risotto

Truffle Risotto recipe

truffle risotto

Truffle Risotto it is the famous Italian dish  and this dish made by ingredients like Carnaroli rice, carpaccio, butter, olive oil……..


320grms Carnaroli rice

Truffle carpaccio

70grms truffle butter

120grms Grated parmigiano reggiano

For the stock ( celery,carrot, onion)

1 glass of Prosecco

Extra virgin olive oil

Onion, pepper, Salt,Parsley

  1. truffle risotto

Directions     (truffle Risotto)

1.prepare  the stock starting from cold water with celery,carrot,onion, parsley,few grains of pepper and salt

2.As it starts boiling,cook for 30 mins

3.Meanwhile ,brown a miced onion in a pan 

4.add the rice and toast it for 5 minutes

5.douse the Prosecco and let the alcohol evaporate 

6.keep cooking the rice by slowly adding the stock

7.it will take about from 12-15 mins

8.when ready Remove from the heat & stir with butter & reggiano truffle carpaccio    


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