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Recipes of Japanese food 


Recipes of Japanese food

Sushi. (Recipes of Japanese food)

Recipes of Japanese food


Sushi is a famous/ popular japanese food dish & it was prepared by vinegard rice ,some salt & sugar  plus a variety of ingredients like meat , vegetables,sea food 




Recipes of Japanese food


Okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish 

Savory (teppayanki ) pancakes dish

Which is consisting ingredients like white flour, batter, additional cabbage meat, seafood, mixture , toppings


Miso soup

Recipe of Japanese food

Miso soup is a Japanese traditional soup dish

Which is consisting of dashi stock , which is softened by miso paste & other ingredients like various  vegetables ,it depends on regional & seasonal recipes 



Recipes of Japanese food

It is a Japanese skewered chicken 

It’s prepration was made by involving the meat to a (skewer) it’s made  by type of steel,or, bamboo in a charcoal fire



Recipes of Japanese food

Udon is a Japanese cousin recipe 

Udon is a thick noodles it was made by ingredients like white flour  noodles 



Recipes of Japanese food

Omurice  is a Japanese recipe which is consisting of omelette  made with  fried rice and thin scrumbled eggs 



Chicken katsu

Recipes of Japanese food

 Chicken katsu is a Japanese recipe food 

Which is also known as  panko chicken, or tori katsu  


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