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Strawberry cheesecake overnight Oats 

Strawberry cheesecake overnight Oats

Strawberry cheesecake overnight Oats


This strawberry cheesecake overnight Oats was healthy delicious breakfast meal loaded with fresh strawberry oats milk yogurt mascarpone cheese….

Ingredients (strawberry cheesecake overnight Oats)

½ cup Oats 

½ cup low fat milk

30 g sugar free cookies

6-8 strawberries

½ cup yogurt

1 tbsp chia seeds 

2 tbsp mascarpone cheese



1.In a mason jar,add oats and milk

2.Take the sugar cookies and place 3.in a food processor or zip lock bag

Blend or crush the cookies until they became fine crumbs

4.place ⅓ cup of the cookies on top of the oats 

  1. In a food processor blend up the strawberries till smooth

6.Note that it’s just fine to have some chunky pieces

7.place on top of the cookies

  1. In a bowl stir together the yogurt,chia seeds, and mascarpone cheese  , place on top of the cookies  

Place on top of the strawberries

Garnish with leftover cookie crumbs

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