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Vegan mushroom

Vegan mushroom

Vegan mushrooms

  1. It is a healthy & tasty mushroom vegan recipe loaded with mushroom,pasta olive oil, garlic healthy vegan food


Vegan mushroom

Ingredients. (Vegan mushroom)

½ 1b cremini mushrooms

2 pieces of garlic

1 portion pasta

Few drizzles of Olive oil

Generous pinches of pink salt


Few springs fresh thyme cashew

½ cup cashews (soak these overnight if you don’t have a high powdered blender

½cup water

Few springs fresh Parsley

Directions. (vegan mushroom)

1.bring a pot of water of boil for the pasta

2.finely slice the mushrooms and peel the garlic

3.cook the pasta to package instructions

4.heat up a saute pan on medium high heat.drizzle in some olive oil

5 add in the mushrooms & garlic seasons with salt pepper saute for 2-3 mins ,then turn the heat to low

6.transfer the garlic to the garlic. Add some fresh thyme to the pan & give it a story

7.add the cashews & water into the blender along with a generous pinch of salt & pepper. Drizzle in some olive oil & blend on high until liquified

8.heat the saute pan back up to a medium & add ½ cup of pasta water

9.transfer the pasta to the saute pan & add in the cream sauce

10.give the pasta a good stir & turn off the heat (don’t over cook or it will become dry)

11.plate , garnish with the fresh chopped parsley and fresh cracked pepper, and a fi

nal drizzle of olive oil

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